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Main Campus Printing

Use FSUCash!

FSU myPrint - Printing made easy!

You can submit a print job from anywhere on FSU’s wired or wireless network from lab or library computers, or even your personal laptop (click here to download the print software). With a valid FSUCard, you can pick up your print job at any of our 19 conveniently-located release stations.


Black and White Prints, Per Page
(FSUCash Only)


Color Prints, Per Page
(FSUCash Only)

*NOTE: You will be charged for the type of printer you print from, not the print job type.
If you send a black and white document to a color printer, you will be charged the $0.25 that goes along with printing in color. To avoid unnecessary additional charges, please select your printer carefully!


3 Easy Steps

1. ADD

  • Visit myFSU Student Central
  • Add money to your FSUCash account
  • Need to add money with cash? Visit a PHIL Station located across campus (Strozier Library, Dirac Library, College of Law)


  • From an FSU network connected computer select FSU myPrint B&W or FSU myPrint Color
  • Click Print
  • In the Print Job Details type your FSUID username


  • Head to the nearest print release station with your FSUCard
  • Sign in with your FSUID username and password
  • Swipe your card
  • Choose your document and click Print
  • Don’t forget to log out


Carothers Computer Lab (MCH 315) Music Library (HMU 090) Strozier Library (B, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors, Basement)
College of Business Lab (RBB 118) Nursing (DUX 209 & 302) Tully Gym (TUL 2016)
College of Law Library (LAW 206) Panama City Campus UCB/Dedman (UCB 2200 - Hospitality)
College of Law Advocacy Center (LAC A020) Sandels Lab (SAN 228) UCC/Social Work (UCC 3402)
Diffenbaugh (DIF 105) Shores Library (LSB 101) Union Computer Lab (OGC 202)
Dirac Library (DSL 207) Stone Bldg (STN 1301 & 1501) William Johnston Lab (WJB 202 &G051)
Montgomery Hall Mac Lab (MON 119) Student Disability Services  

Want to print from your laptop? Download Drivers

Are all of the computers at the library taken? Install the print drivers to your personal device! Simply follow the directions below to get started.

At the FSU Panama City Campus? Click Here

  1. Click the link of your respective operating system:
  2. Save the file(s) to your desktop
  3. Once downloaded, double-click and install the client from wherever you saved it.
    • Mac: If you do not wish to print color, skip the Color Driver Package (mc3730.dmg)
  4. Select “Install” to begin the installation
    • Mac: Install the B&W and Color drivers first - the Connection Service (FSU_myPrint.dmg) file must be installed last.
    • If asked if this is a Local or Network install, choose Local.
  5. Select “Finish”

You have successfully installed the FSU myPrint drivers on your personal device.

From this point on, when printing, you may select printers “FSU myPrint B&W” or “FSU myPrint Color” accordingly, to send your jobs.

For more detailed, printable instructions:

For Support:
Phone: (850) 644-EASY (3279)

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