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The Office of Business Services makes life on campus a breeze. Transportation, dining, laundry, copy and print—anything that gets you through your day comes back to our services. We are dedicated to making the experience of every member of the university community as positive as possible. We take care of everything so that you can Study hard, Live easy.



04/24 Reserved Parking: Diffenbaugh Lot

04/24 Reserved Parking: From 4:30PM to 8:30PM, TCC has reserved the Diffenbaugh Lot.

04/24 Reserved Parking: St. Augustine Garage

04/24 Reserved Parking: From 7:30AM until 9:30AM, CAPD has reserved 200 spaces on level 1 of the St. Augustine Garage.

04/24 Reserved Parking: NCOB Lot

04/24 Reserved Parking: From 7:30AM until 9:30AM, the College of Business has reserved 15 spots in the NCOB Lot for Leadership Day.

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