Terms & Conditions

    1. All requests for new copier equipment, equipment moves, supplies and/or service are submitted on-line to the Office of Business Services' (OBS) website at copier.fsu.edu. All equipment orders must include the name and signature of the Department Budget Account Manager as listed in OMNI. Acceptance of the lease agreement by the Department Budget Manager obligates the department to the terms of the lease on the date signed. Refusal of equipment at or prior to delivery does not remove the lease obligation from the Department. Delivery and restocking fees may apply.
    1. Initial Term:
    2. The initial term of the lease agreement is forty-two (42) months commencing on the date of delivery.
    3. Renewal Term:
    4. This Agreement will automatically renew for an additional one-year Renewal Term at the end of the Initial or any Renewal Term, unless the agreement is terminated as described below. During such renewal term(s) the Cost-Per-Copy (CPC) rate will remain the same. We may cancel an automatic renewal term by sending Department written notice 30 days prior to such renewal term.
    5. Termination:
    6. If a Department chooses not to renew their lease, all equipment shall be removed and returned to OBS from the Department’s location within ten (10) business days after receipt of a written non-renewal request. This lease is non-transferrable without written consent from OBS.
    7. In the event that a Department is unable to fulfill their lease agreement, a thirty (30) day cancellation notice, in writing, will be required. However, even in the event of cancellation, the Department will be billed for the remainder of the lease agreement period upon completion of the equipment removal and be subject to an administrative fee of no less than $100, except in cases where Contracts and Grants funds are no longer available.
    1. OBS or its authorized partner R J Young, LLC, is responsible for installation, maintenance, repair, and relocation of Departmental copier equipment.
    2. Cost per Copy maintenance plans include preventative maintenance, repair services, parts, labor and all consumables, including toner and staples at no additional cost to the Department. Department understands and agrees that paper is not included. Damage or problems caused to the equipment by unauthorized moves or repairs are subject to the appropriate fees charged to the Department. OBS reserves the right to monitor all Departmental print devices for optimization of network resources, cost reduction studies, and energy savings.
    3. Service will not be provided on equipment which has had unauthorized parts or supplies installed, or that has been modified or used by unauthorized personnel to repair or change equipment.
  4. USE, Equipment Location
    1. Department shall use the equipment in a careful and proper manner in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications and all laws, ordinances and regulations in any way relating to the possession or use of the equipment. Department will keep and use the equipment at the location originally installed by OBS. Department may not move the equipment without prior written approval from OBS. Department will provide adequate space and electrical services and data connection for the operation of the equipment.
    2. Department will not make any alterations, additions or replacements to the equipment without prior written consent from OBS. All approved alterations, additions or replacements will become part of the equipment and OBS property at no cost or expense to OBS.
    1. In order for OBS’ Multi-Function Device (MFD) to deliver advanced features, a network connection is necessary. This will allow access to features such as scan-to-share or scan-to-email, Account Track, and network printing services. Also, OBS leverages this connection to remotely gather monthly meter readings, proactively schedule service and dispatch supplies. It will be the responsibility of the Department to provide a network connection to OBS at no cost, which includes appropriate network access privileges in order for OBS to manage its copiers. OBS will provide the Department exact network configurations and requirements as a part of the “Department Information Package”. If Department chooses to not supply the required network access, Department may be charged an additional monthly fee to collect manual meter reads.
    1. Should a unit be out of service for more than eight (8) business hours, a loaner unit of similar or greater capabilities will be provided within twelve (12) business hours. If a unit has three (3) failures in thirty (30) business days, the unit will be replaced with a unit of similar or greater capabilities. A failure shall be defined as any unit malfunction that prevents it from producing printed output and excludes but is not limited to, normal wear and tear, incidents of equipment abuse or neglect, incidents as the result of failure to maintain the manufacturer recommended environmental and electrical condition, fire, flood, incidents as the result of unit relocation by someone other than OBS or its contracted vendor, incidents as the result of equipment in excess of its useful life or reconditioning requirements.
    1. All leased equipment includes an Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) power filter included in the monthly lease rate to protect equipment against abnormal electrical conditions. If the ESP power filter fails to protect properly connected equipment due to abnormal electrical conditions, the Extended Protection Guarantee will cover repairs up to the full replacement value of the machine. This does not include improper use, customer abuse or negligence, or Acts of God.
    2. Although the Extended Protection Guarantee does not cover Acts of God, should a Department’s leased equipment be damaged in a way determined to be verified as an Act of God (i.e. fire, flood or any other natural force), and not resulting from negligence, improper maintenance of equipment space, or other criteria set above, OBS will cover the cost of repairs up to full replacement of the Department’s equipment.
  8. Service
    1. Service calls will be made during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM, at the specified installation address. (Travel and labor time on calls made other than during normal business hours will be charged to Department at established overtime rates).
    1. Monthly Billing
      1. All billing will be on a monthly basis in arrears. The standard lease is for forty-two (42) months. The lease period begins on the first day of the month following the installation of the copier. Please note that a Department may be responsible for any modifications required to accommodate the installation of the copier such as network drop, lighting, electrical work, etc.
      2. All monthly lease and cost per copy invoices for Departments will automatically be charged to the purchase order and line provided by the Department. Internal invoices will be submitted to the Department Budget Account Manager as listed in OMNI. Any customer that does not have an FSU Department ID will be billed and the terms will be net 30. Payments from external customers should be remitted as described on the invoice.
      3. OBS is the billing agent for all charges to the Department and Vendor. If a Department receives an invoice from another source (i.e. outside vendor, etc.), the Department must forward the unpaid bill to the attention of the Accounting section in OBS. All charges will be billed as per the terms above.
    2. Responsibility for Other Expenses Relating to Equipment Installations, Moves and Changes
      1. It is the responsibility of each individual Department to pay all expenses as indicated in the signed OBS Departmental Copier User Agreement as well as any non-recurring charges for services rendered as requested by Department.
    3. Review and Adjustments
      1. It is the responsibility of each department to review their invoice within thirty (30) days of receipt. Questions or irregularities should be addressed to the OBS Accounting section at 850-644-7777 or obs-accounting@admin.fsu.edu. OBS Accounting will research and respond to all questions presented within thirty (30) days of the written request. If adjustments need to be made to a department's account, OBS Accounting will make these adjustments during the next available billing cycle subsequent to the conclusion of the research. If the error is due to incorrect information provided by the department, the buying department will need to correct via a journal entry through the Controller's Office General Accounting area. Adjustments will only be made based on properly submitted and authorized orders. Please review your statements promptly.
    4. Loss or Damage Language
      1. Department is responsible for any loss, theft, destruction of, or damage (collectively “Loss”) to the equipment from any cause at all, whether or not insured, during the lease period. Department is required to make all CPC payments even if there is a Loss. Department must notify OBS in writing immediately of any Loss.
  10. Lease/Order Form Acceptance:
    1. By signing the order form, Department agrees to comply with this Agreement’s terms and conditions, and all other University rules and regulations now in effect, and any that may be adopted and published by the University during the term of the Agreement.
    2. This lease agreement falls under the terms of the master contract between FSU and R J Young Company. Completed lease agreement/order forms will be provided to R J Young as authorization to fulfill the requested order.
    3. OBS reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement during the term of the Agreement with thirty (30 days written notice) to the department.