Student using printer

Student Printing

Black & White: 10¢ per page
Color: 25¢ per page
Double-Sided*: Save 1¢

*The default print setting is Double-Sided.

FSUCash is the only accepted tender for campus printing and copying.
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*NOTE: You will be charged for the type of printer you print from, not the print job type.
i.e. If you send a black and white document to a color printer, you will be charged for printing in color.


Main Campus

  • College of Business Lab (RBB 118)
  • UCB/Dedman (UCB 2200 - Hospitality)
  • Dirac Library (DSL 207)
  • Nursing (DUX 209 & 302)
  • College of Law Library (LAW 206)
  • College of Law Advocacy Center (LAC A020)
  • Innovation Hub (LSB)
  • Montgomery Hall Mac Lab (MON 119)
  • Music Library (HMU 090)
  • Sandels Lab (SAN 228)
  • Stone Bldg. (STN 1301 & 1501)
  • Tully Gym (TUL 2016)
  • Strozier Library (B, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors, Basement)
  • Student Disability Services (SSB 108)
  • UCC/Social Work (UCC 3402)
  • William Johnston Lab (WJB 202 &G051)

Panama City Campus

  • Holley Building (Room A110, Library)
  • Barron Building (2nd Floor)

How to Print
  1. When printing your document from a computer connected to the FSU network:
    • Select desired printer: FSU myPrint B&W or FSU myPrint Color
    • Click Print
    • In the Print Job Details type your FSUID username
  2. To Release Print Job
    • Head to the nearest print release station
    • Sign in with FSUID username and password
    • Swipe your FSUCard
    • Choose your document and click Print
    • Don’t forget to log out
How to Copy
  1. Place paper face up in document feeder or face down on glass
  2. Swipe FSUCard
  3. Adjust print settings on keypad
  4. Press Start

PRINTER DRIVERS (Print from your own device)

Download for Windows:

Download for Mac:

For detailed instructions and step by step images, download these printable instructions:

Windows Computers | Apple Computers