Student Copy/Scan/Print

1. Get FSUCash

Add FSUCash through the eAccounts mobile app or by logging directly into eAccounts:

eAccounts Login  I  Apple Mobile App  |  Android Mobile App 


• For 8.5" x 11" sized paper
• Black & White: 10¢ per page
• Color Copy/Print: 25¢ per page
• Scan: 2¢ per page
*NOTE: You will be charged for the type of printer you print from, not the print job type. i.e. If you send a black and white document to a color printer, you will be charged for printing in color.

2. Send a print job

• Print from a workstation on campus (library/lab) OR from a laptop on the FSU WiFi.
   - Download the correct print drivers:
        - Windows: FSU myPrint Unified Driver (Instructions)
        - Mac: FSU BW & Color Package (Instructions)
• In the print menu, send your document(s) to FSU myPrint_BW or FSU myPrint_Color.
• The default setting is two-sided print (saves 1¢) - change the setting if desired.
• In the popup box enter your FSUID username.

3. Print

• Go to the nearest print station.
• Sign in with your FSUID and swipe your FSUCard.
• Select your print job and click Print.
• Click Logoff in the lower left-hand corner when done (times out after 25 seconds).

Report Issues / Request Refunds at:

Please provide OBS# located on the copier/printer. 


Barron Building, Panama City Campus
College of Fine Arts (FAB-310)
College of Hospitality (UCB-201)
College of Law Advocacy Center (LAC-A020)
College of Law Library (LLB-206)
College of Music, Housewright Building (HMU 1st & 2nd Floors)
College of Nursing, Duxbury Hall (SCN-209)
College of Social Work (UCC-3402)
Dirac Library (DSL - 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors)
FAMU/FSU College of Engineering (CE1-A225)
Holley Academic Center, Panama City Campus
Innovation Hub, Shores Building (LSB)
Montgomery Hall (MON-119)
Stone Bldg. (STN 1302 & 2nd Floor)
Strozier Library (LIB - Basement, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Floors)
Student Disability Services (SSB-108)
Tully Gym (TUL-2016)
William Johnston Building (WJB 2040 &G051)

Copy 101

- Place paper face up in document feeder or face down on glass.
- Swipe FSUCard - press Copy.
- Adjust print settings on keypad - Black & White or Color.
- Press Start.
- When project completes, ensure device reverts to home screen. Times out after 25 seconds or click Home > Pharos SRH > Logout.

Scan 101

- Place paper face up in document feeder or face down on glass.
- Swipe FSUCard - select OK.
- Select function from the left corner to scan.
- For Scan to Email select Manual Entry.
- Enter your email address and select OK.
- Press Start.